Adirondack Community College

Everything revolves around teaching and learning in Suny Adirondack because they have nothing else in mind but development and success of the students.

Suny Adirondack Community College is a public, two-year, open-access, comprehensive community college, dedicated to the following: delivery of low-price yet excellent transfer, career and technical credit programs; credit-free lifelong learning and workforce development opportunities programs and classes; and other support services that helps students succeed. Among its range of programs are real-estate training to help students get their real estate agent license fast. Even better, it offers online learning so everyone can learn at their own pace and on the time that their schedules permit.

It commits to nothing except the help and improvement of community economic development, and is enthusiastic about participating in activities that encourages intellectual, social and cultural life of the community. Suny Adirondack is also in partnership with four-year, degree-granting institutions to pave a way for the degrees on the Suny Adirondack campus.


Contact Information:

Bay Road
Queensbury, NY 12804
(518) 743-2214


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