Getting Your Real Estate License in Alaska

If you are interested in a career in real estate in the state of Alaska, you will be glad to know that a person can quickly become a realtor in Alaska without paying exorbitant fees associated with other professionals. The following guidelines offer some advice about getting your real estate license in Alaska.

1. Eligibility for Getting the Real Estate License in Alaska

Age: Must be at least 19 years old.

Residence: Must be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.

Character: Must not be under indictment for forgery, extortion, theft, conspiracy to defraud, or any other felony indicating character untrustworthiness.

Pre-licensing educational requirements

Having successfully completed 20 hours of approved real estate pre-licensure courses for getting a real estate salesperson license in Alaska.

Having successfully completed 15 hours of approved broker training for getting a real estate broker license in Alaska. In addition, the broker applicant must have completed 24 consecutive months within the last 36 as a licensed salesperson.

2. Cost of Getting the Real Estate License in Alaska

The Examination Fee is $50 for either a salesperson or a broker applicant. The fee for getting a real estate salesperson license is $500.00, which includes a license fee of $375 and a recovery fund fee of $125 and for a broker license fee is $350.00.

3. Taking the Real Estate Exam in Alaska

Applicants must register for the Alaska Real Estate Salesperson exam with Alaska division of corporations business and professional licensing. Call them at (907) 269-8160 or visit their website,

To pass the exam, applicants must obtain at least 75% on each section of the two-part exam. Applicants who pass one section of the exam but fail the other must retake the entire examination.

4. Obtaining the Real Estate License in Alaska

Within 6 months of passing the licensing exam, applicants may submit their application at Alaska Real Estate Commission for getting their Real Estate Salesperson or Broker License.





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