Getting Your Real Estate License in Massachusetts

A real estate license in Massachusetts will help you start a new career as a real estate agent in Massachusetts. Candidates interested in getting their real estate license in Massachusetts must pass a real estate exam.

1. Preparing for the Real Estate Exam in Massachusetts

Age requirements: Must be at least 18 years old.

Pre-licensing educational requirements: Having successfully completed 40 hours of real estate courses by an approved real estate school for getting a real estate salesperson license or broker license in Massachusetts. The broker applicant must have the experience of working with a real estate brokerage firm for at least 3 years before sitting in the examination and applying for a broker’s license.

Fee: The Examination fee to take the Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson Exam is $101 for salespersons, $122 for brokers. The fee for getting a real estate salesperson license is between $103 and $150, and a broker license is between $142 and $200.

2. Taking the Real Estate Exam in Massachusetts

Applicants must register for the Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson exam with Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation. Call them at (617) 973-878or visit their website

To pass the exam, applicants must obtain at least 70% on each of the two-portions of this exam. If any applicant fails one portion of the exam, the fee for retakes is $56.

3. Obtaining the Real Estate License in Massachusetts

Applicants will be given their license at the testing center upon successful completion of both portions of the exam.

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